From the August 2012 Church Newsletter:

On June 24- 29, 11 youth and 3 chaperones from St. Paul’s went on a mission trip to Kansas City, Kansas. Students had the opportunity to serve at the Bethel Neighborhood Center. They were able to experience immigrants from Myanmar Burma, Bhutan and Nepal.

While there, they worked long days in 110 degree heat. They scraped and painted houses, helped in classrooms, did a sports camp with children, went to nursing homes and worked in the food pantry.

Kids On A Mission 2012

Pictured L-R: Evan Pratt, Garrett Mattson, Cassandra Hollatz, Dani Fandrey, Cody Christian, Steven Lanphier, Hannah Blyth, Bailey Stone, Laura Crave, Pastor Robb Kosky, Naomi Filter, Tim Christian, Tina Farwell and Brianna Farwell

The youth of St. Paul’s will have another opportunity during the summer of 2013 to embark on a week long adventure. This trip is open to all of St. Paul’s youth in grades 9-12. If you are interested in going or would like more information please feel free to email Esther Pratt at or sign up at church for updates on meetings.

From the May 2012 Church Newsletter:

St. Paul’s youth will again be going on a mission trip in June to serve in Kansas City, Kansas. They will be staying at Grandview Park Presbyterian Church. This church has a rich history in the community; they organized themselves as a neighborhood church in 1889. More recently in the mid-90’s, many immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America moved into the neighborhood. Grandview Park has a bi-lingual service that is attended by families from many different countries. Those of our youth, who have studied Spanish, will definitely have the opportunity to use it.

There will be a number of opportunities for service while in Kansas City such as:

Helping to run Outrageous Sports Camp which is a way to engage older students in the neighborhood. Partnering with local non-profit organizations, in addition to doing work projects in the neighborhood around Grandview Park.

Working with Upper Room: Upper Room has locations all over both Kansas City, KS and MO. Our youth will have the chance to work one-on-one in the morning with 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade students tutoring kids by reading with students one on one, working with students on homework, and assisting teachers with classroom activities. In the afternoon our youth will participate in a variety of activities in and out of the classroom helping with field trips and additional classroom work.

Working at Bethel Neighborhood Center: BNC has a history of serving newly immigrated or migrated people groups to the Kansas City community who consist primarily of economically challenged and underserved families and individuals. Students will have the opportunity to serve in student classrooms helping lead arts and crafts in addition to large group outside games.

Working at Center of Hope: The Center offers several programs assisting those living at or below the poverty level. They run a food kitchen, food pantry and thrift store in addition to doing homeless outreach and other community oriented service programs. We help by cleaning, organizing and sorting donations.

Working with Aqui: Aqui is a neighborhood organization identifies work projects in the neighborhood. Projects will primarily be painting of homes but can also include minor home repair and more intense renovation projects.

If you would like to support our youth in taking this trip, you will have the opportunity to purchase stock at $10/share. Stock will be sold in the narthex following our Saturday and Sunday services or by contacting the church office. All stock holders will be invited to a dinner served by our youth upon their return from the trip during which they will share their photos and experiences on their mission.

Participating in this trip and doing God’s work will be an eye opening and growing experience for our young people as it has been in the past. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to plan for the trip!