Worship Services Amidst Coronavirus

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Effective 1/4/2021
In-person services have resumed.   
Please wear a mask if you are able and maintain social distancing.  
Thank you.

Please join us for the following services.
Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 PM
Sunday Mornings at 9:00 AM *This service will also be streamed via Facebook Live

Back inside (but Not Back to Normal)


  • Back Inside – Beginning on Sunday, September 27th, we will resume holding our Sunday morning worship service indoors. (As of now, we are not yet resuming our Saturday afternoon worship services.)
    • Please Note: None of us really knows what we’re doing when we face this virus. The pastors I know are all trying their best to navigate through a situation that none of us have been prepared for, and none of us want to have an outbreak in our congregation.  The decisions that our Worship Committee and Council have made try to balance our need for caution and safety with our desire to worship Jesus Christ with one another.  This is all a work in progress and no doubt we will get some things wrong and the situation will change.  Below is what we plan on doing at this time.  It may all change again come November or January.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  Please pray for us and give us your input.  Thank you.
    • Our Worship Committee made plans and laid the groundwork for this move back in August.
    • Our Council members have heard from a number of our members. Some of us are ready and comfortable with a move to worship inside once again.  Others of us are not ready to worship inside again.  At our September meeting the Council decided that we will resume our indoor services and use recommendations from the worship committee.
  • Still Online – We will continue to pre-record a service each week to be edited and posted on our YouTube channel and website. This service will include hymns and music and we will post a link on Facebook as well.
    • Facebook Live – We plan to continue to livestream our Sunday morning services on Facebook Live. However, moving back indoors changes up some of our logistics and we will be trying out some new technology. (This should help with the sound issues we experienced last Spring on the Facebook service.)  It may take us a few weeks to iron out all of the wrinkles.  So, if you cannot find the livestream, we will still have the pre-recorded service.
    • Wednesday Evening Prayer – Our Wednesday Evening Prayer service at 7:00 pm on Facebook Live will continue.
  • Not Back to Normal – Just like everyplace else we go nowadays, we are putting certain protocols in place to help mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus. It is our hope that these practices will help to keep our members who choose to attend in person as safe as possible while still allowing us to worship together. 
    • A Word of Caution: I find that I am personally looking forward to being back in our sanctuary with many of you again – and yet, I need to remind myself that it is not going to be the same. There are several things that I wish we could start doing again, but we are choosing not to at this time.  I think that it will be good – but not as good as I might hope.
    • Music – We will not be having live music at this time and we will not be singing. Not all of our musicians are comfortable with the move inside and we are not going to ask anyone to attend who is not ready to.  Singing is the thing that many of us may miss the most in our worship services.  We will return to it, but not yet.
    • Masks – We ask everyone who attends to please wear a mask. (Yes, this is a requirement.) We have masks available if you forget to bring yours.
    • Distancing – We have taped our pews to allow for social distancing during the services.
    • Capacity – At 25% capacity, we figure that we can have about 40 – 45 people in our sanctuary. At this time, we do not think that it will be necessary to have people sign up or make reservations to attend.  If that changes, we will let you know.
    • Communion – For Holy Communion we will be using prefilled, sealed, disposable communion cups with wafers. We have been using these at our outdoor service. They can be a little tricky, but they will allow us to commune in the pews and limit our moving about the sanctuary.
    • Offering – The offering will be collected in offering plates placed at the doors as you enter the sanctuary.
    • Ushers – We will need some of our members to serve as ushers, to welcome, hand out bulletins and communion cups, offer hand sanitizer and masks.
    • Dismissal – We will have our ushers dismiss people by pews at the end of the service. (We’re going old school on this.)  We will not be having a fellowship time following our services and ask that people leave the building after exiting the sanctuary.  If you need to speak with me following the service, please remain in your pew and I will find you.
    • Disinfecting – We would like to have a few members who will surface areas following the service. We will have spray bottles, paper towels, and wipes for this purpose.
    • Notification in case of infection – If anyone who attends our service tests positive afterward, please contact Pastor Robb. We will be making a list of everyone who is in attendance at each service so that if someone does test positive, we can notify you.  We also ask that you not attend if you are feeling sick, have symptoms, or have recently been exposed to Covid-19.
    • Suspension of indoor services – If we find out that someone who attended worship then tests positive for Covid-19, we will suspend our indoor services for two weeks and then start again. We all hope that this will not be necessary.


May God’s blessings be with you all, and I will see you in worship… or not,


Pastor Robb

Weekly Worship Services

Wednesday Evening Worship Services: 6:30 PM 
These services are only held the first Wednesday of the month during May, June, July & August, unless otherwise noted in the newsletter or bulletin.

Saturday Afternoon Worship Services: There are no Saturday services at this time.

Sunday Morning Communion Worship Services: 9:00 AM

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