You Can Make A Difference!

  • Living in God’s Mission

Calling All Members!
In coming months, we will be holding several meetings for St. Paul’s members around the theme of “Living in God’s Mission.”  We will be contacting members and asking that they attend one of these meetings.
It will be an opportunity to talk about how St. Paul’s, and each one of us, is a part of God’s plan and Mission for our community and world, and the ways in which we are called to participate in and support God’s work.  An emphasis will be placed on how God has called us to be God’s people in this place and has given us the gifts and resources to do the work God wants us to do, including the support of our congregation.

This will serve as the backbone of our financial stewardship program.
We have made great strides this year in growing in our support of our ministry.  Thank you to all of you for your support of our congregation.
We have more work to do, and God is doing great things among us!

Our first “Living in God’s Mission” meetings will be held on Saturday, September 21st at 5:00 PM and Sunday, September 22nd at 10:00 AM.

  • God’s Work – Our Hands Sunday

    God’s Work – Our Hands Sunday is a program of the ELCA designed to help congregations understand and live out the connection between our faith in God and living out our faith by doing the work of God in our communities.  We will be celebrating this on Sunday, October 13th beginning with our worship service at 9:00 and then joining in service projects around Waterloo.

Our Congregational Life Committee is currently seeking out service projects for us to participate in.  If you have any ideas of ways in which our members might serve our community or our neighbors on that day please contact Pastor Robb or the church office.

  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Church: Trivent Choice Grant Program

The Thrivent Choice program gives eligible members of Thrivent Financial the power to recommend where Thrivent should consider distributing part of its annual charitable outreach funds each year.  St. Paul’s has received $616 in Choice Dollars grant funds in 2019.

If you have Thrivent Financial life insurance, health insurance or annuities, visit to direct your choice dollars to St. Paul’s.
You can also call 1-800-847-4836.

  • Electronic Giving

Through “Simply Giving”, your gift payment is made through a pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account. You determine the frequency of your automatic gift—weekly, semi-monthly or monthly—the option is yours. It allows you to share your gifts through planned giving and activates your generosity into ongoing stewardship. Because your gift is given consistently, you won’t need to play “catch-up” at year-end or worry about forgotten checkbooks or missed Sunday offerings. “Simply Giving” forms are available in the narthex or call the church office and we can mail one to you.