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Welcome to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

About St. Paul’s:

At St. Paul’s, we strive to make our church a meaningful place of worship, a friendly fellowship, and an active leader in Christian education.  Active lay participation guided by our pastor and congregation council is key to our growth.  Our most important growth comes from spreading God’s Word and His Love for us all.  We invite you to attend our services to learn more about our Christian faith or if you are looking for a church home in Waterloo. We also hold various bible studies throughout the year.  Check out our most recent bulletin for the latest study information.

What to expect:

St. Paul’s is a friendly and casual environment.  We strive to welcome everyone who walks through our doors into our hearts as we prepare to worship the Lord together.

How long are Sunday services?

Sunday services last about 45 minutes.  We invite everyone to join us after Sunday services for fellowship.  Grab your freshly brewed coffee and mid-morning snack and connect with fellow Christians to relax and chat about whatever is on your mind.

What about my kids?

Children of all ages are welcome to join us during our services.  The presence of children is a gift to the church and reminds us that our church is growing.  Sundays often include a children’s sermon.  We invite younger children to use our church bags during the service.  Church binders with coloring pages and activities are also available for school-age children.  Should you need to leave worship for any reason, there is a nursery available for parents and children to use.  God made children to be full of energy and excitement and we hope that you will share that energy and excitement as you worship with your family. St Pauls holds Sunday School classes, First Communion classes, and Confirmation classes in our ongoing desire to provide a Christian education to our youth. Youth Mission Trips generally take place over the summer months. Contact the church office for more details.

Car Parking:

Street parking is available in front of the church.  There is a parking lot in the back of the church, located off of South Washington Street.


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