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Weekly Blurb – May 9, 2024

This Sunday’s image of how the risen Christ shares his life with us is the image of the vine. Christ the vine and we the branches are alive in each other, in the mystery of mutual abiding described in the gospel and the first letter of John. Baptism makes us a part of Christ’s living and life-giving self and makes us alive with Christ’s life. As the vine brings food to the branches Christ feeds us at his table. We are sent out to bear fruit for the life of the world.
Upcoming Scripture Lessons:
Acts 8:26-40
(Philip teaches and baptizes an Ethiopian)
Psalm 22:25-31
(All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord. (Ps. 22:27)
1 John 4:7-21
(God’s love perfected in love for one another)
John 15:1-8
(Christ the vine)
Upcoming/Special Events:
Tuesday 8:30AM – Quilters @ BLC
Tuesday 6:30PM – Bible Study @ Mary Kays
Thursday 5:00 – Beer & Bible Study @ MT’s
Ministers of Worship for St. Pauls this week: 4/28
Usher: Russ. P., Michaela L., Dale E.  
Greeter: Kris W. & Jan C.
Lector:  Debra M.  
Prayer Leader: Debra M.  
Comm. Asst: Debra M.  
Organist: Elizabeth C.
Videographer:  Jill O.   
Acolyte: Evan H.   
Ministers of Worship for BLC this week: 4/28
Accompanist: Holly D. 
Asst. Minister: Roger N.
Recorder: Marty S.  
Computer Operator: Cyndi V.  
Greeter: Donna W.  
Usher: Darwin A. & Gary Y.
Comm. Asst: Bob F.
Altar Guild: Michelle R. & Sue R.
Comm. Bread: Jean M.  
Acolyte: Brinly S.


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