In order to keep our members safe and healthy, all events and services at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church have been canceled until further notice.  Office hours are limited so please call or email us if you have any questions or concerns. 
We will be happy to try and help.  Office: 920-478-2570;    Pastor:

Our Facebook page is a great way to stay connected with your St. Paul’s family. 
Please contact us if you have any prayer requests.     

If you are in need of groceries or supplies or know of an elderly member who is in need of assistance, please let us know. 
If anyone is willing to help shop and/or deliver supplies to our members in need, please contact the church. 
Thanks & Blessings.

Letter from Pastor Robb to Members of St. Paul's

A Letter to St. Paul’s at the Start of Coronavirus

I lift up my eyes to the hills –
from where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord,
who made heaven and earth.
(Psalm 121:1-2)


Our help comes from the Lord.  Even in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic – our help comes from the Lord.
And it is the Lord who calls us to be help for one another – in many and various ways.
We help one another through “self-distancing” – a phrase I’d never heard until last week
We help by helping to “flatten the curve” – another phrase I am newly familiar with.
We help through hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting, and taking precautions if you become sick.

And we are all called to help.
 Those of us who are elderly or have chronic medical conditions are at higher risk and can be extra cautious.
Those of us who are younger and healthy can limit our contact with others while reaching out to help those in our community who are in need.
Those of us who are teenagers and children can help by understanding how new and strange this situation is for all of us, and that being out of school is not the same as being on break.  This is not a time for shopping and movies, for restaurants or sleep overs.
Our help comes from the Lord – and the Lord calls on all of us to help, each as we are able.

At St. Paul’s

At St. Paul’s, we are figuring out how to do the work of the church in the midst of a Pandemic. 
We canceled our worship services last weekend – which we did as a way of helping to flatten the curve.  I will be recommending to our Council that we cancel all of our services until further notice – which may very well be through Easter, or even until sometime in May.
We will explore ways to gather as a community for prayer and worship and education using online resources.
We will find ways to stay in contact with one another and care for one another.
We have created a Coronavirus drop down menu on our web page where you will be able to find links and updates related to the situation and our life together as a congregation during this time.

Caring for One Another

I would like us to offer assistance to our older members who are in need of groceries, but who should not be going to the store. 
If you are willing to help shop for our members please contact the church office.  If you are in need of groceries, please contact the office and we will make arrangements for you.
The Groceries for Growth program will be continuing by dropping off bags of food for students at the school on Thursdays.
We can create a prayer list of concerns for which our members can pray.
Please let us know when you or someone you know becomes ill or tests positive for Coronavirus, so that we may keep you in our prayers and find ways to assist you.
Please pray for one another and look for ways to let Jesus work through you in these days.

The Lord will keep you from all evil;
he will keep your life.
The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in
from this time on and forevermore.
(Psalm 121:7-8)

In Christ,
Pastor Robb


Letter to the Synod

March 14, 2020

Dear Partners in Ministry,

I have long used that greeting in communicating with people in the synods I’ve served. I never feel the strength of that partnership more than in the midst of critical times. We are in those times now… and I am filled with admiration and pride in the ways I see our rostered and lay leaders leading. You face difficult decisions, in a context that seems to change day by day.

You may have seen/heard that one of our congregations, Our Saviors in Sun Prairie, has three known cases among its members, who have been present in worship. They won’t be the last of our congregations to experience this. I happened to catch Pastor Tim Hansen as Madison TV interviewed him and I was proud of his expression of care for his congregation and the community as they cancelled worship. We are blessed with fine leaders throughout this synod.

No doubt you have been flooded with good advice as you make decisions – both the ELCA web page and our synod’s web page have good useful information. Vicki Hanrahan ran across other excellent resources and as well. Several make reference to electronic/online giving tools. As you give encouragement to your members to continue to support the congregation’s ministry, it is helpful to appeal to those who can give over-and-above their usual level of support, as a way to lift the burden from those who will financially suffer during these times and be unable to give as they have.

Whether in person or electronically, we continue to be a community of prayer, never more needed than now. I will attach two I’ve seen that are profound. No doubt many of you are writing your own.

We are people who live by the two great commandments – to love God, and to love the neighbor. We find ourselves in a strange time when the central act of our communities’ expression of love of God – our worship together – is in direct contradiction to the command to love our neighbor. It may be that in this moment a holy act of love for the neighbor – each other and our whole community – is what leads us to decide to refrain from coming together for worship. Seen in this light, refraining from gathering is no less a holy act than coming together. We seek to be faithful people however we respond.

Thank you for your leadership, courage, hope, and faithfulness.

Peter Rogness
Interim Bishop

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