Hello!  We just finished another wonderful year together! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO
ATTENDED!!! God loves you so much and so do I. 🙂

We miss Rick and Alice who moved up north! As a good-bye to them, we had a Passover meal!
After they moved, we SKYPED each week with Rick and Alice so we were still blessed that they were present with us—just in a different way!!! 🙂 (Thank God for great technology!)

Since I just retired from teaching Sunday School, I will now offer a SECOND day and time for Chará! during the Sunday School hour!!! (I will still keep the Thursdays at 9 am in the Library.)  Now, I can add the same study on SUNDAYS FROM 10:15-11:00 am in ROOM 5 (in the basement of the church)!  This will begin in SEPTEMBER!!!

LORD WILLING,  we will continue to study the book of JAMES. The series is called “Mercy
Triumphs” by Beth Moore. It will resume on Thursday, September 12th, and Sunday, September 15th.  (You do not have to buy a workbook—unless you want to! I do not have any extras at this time, so if you plan on joining us and you’d like a workbook, please buy one now so I can order it and have it in time BEFORE class begins!!!) I will post more information about the two options
later—at the end of summer!!!

For now, feel free to join us for fellowship at the Eastside Diner here in Waterloo on the first
Thursdays of the month from April to August!!! Everyone buys his/her own meal!

Chará will resume on Thursdays AND on Sundays in the fall!

Have a blessed summer—always keeping Jesus first in your heart and minds!!! 🙂